Your app status is Waiting For Review. Now What?

Developing a good iPhone or iPad application is hard enough – but once your app has been approved and is available in the store, there is still, potentially, a lot of work to do.

Will your app be noticed? Do you need to ‘market’ your app? Try to ‘get’ it reviewed? Should you make a video, or have one made? And do you need to spend some money to make this all happen?

Developers are well aware that when it comes to the App Store, Apple provides very little feedback as to where sales come from. Combined with the huge number of apps that are competing in the store, it can be difficult to know ‘what’ to do.

If you want your app to be successful you can’t ignore this side of product development. What’s more, it’s probably not a good idea to leave it until your app has been released…

My writing here aims to explore these questions and uncertainties. To consider the non-development aspects of making a successful app. The things we need to do Outside Xcode.