Marketing Push: Setting Some Goals

Following a restrospective view on the development of our first three apps, with consideration of what to do next, I’m going to work on Wafflr. The basic idea is to try some marketing to increase exposure. See if that can turn things around. If, and only if, things improve, we can consider more development.

As I get started on this I think it’s worth laying out some goals and objectives. I don’t want to get to hung up this, but it’s kinda experimental some structure might be useful. So here we go.


Primary goal: to find out if the app Wafflr is worthy; is it capable of success.

Initially, I wrote: to find out if the app Wafflr will sell if its exposure is increased. But I already know that. I’ve seen that short periods of exposure result in an increase of app sales.

What I want to know is if the app can sell at a useful level relative to how much effort is required to keep those sales going. I want to know if the app is any good – and I need more sales and more data to work that out.

Secondary goal: to continue to develop and sell Wafflr as a premium iPhone app for public speakers.

Maybe I’ve got this flipped around and it’s actually the main goal? Regardless, if this experiment shows that Wafflr can be sustainable, I want to continue to develop the product.

Target Downloads

The primary objective is to reach 100 downloads per month at a price of $6.99 / £4.99.

If that can be achieved I think I’ll have a reasonable view on what was required to get there and what is needed to keep it going. At that level I anticipate I’ll have a better idea of how the app is being received and used. I’m not certain on the last point, but I am optimistic.

Some notes:

  • Wafflr is currently priced at $2.99 (tier 3) so it will be a price change to $6.99 (tier 7).
  • Current sales? Over the last 7 months, Wafflr has averaged 7 sales per month (approximately $14 / month).

Is 100 sales per month achievable? The obvious answer is, I don’t know. I’m sure that 100 downloads per month appears low to some people and ambitiously-high to others.

My view, based on current performance and factoring in the price change, it seems like a significant challenge. Significant – but not quite in the realm of totally unrealistic. We’ll see.

Other Objectives

As I work on increasing the exposure of this app there are some other things that I’d like to achieve. I might have different ideas or change my focus, but for now, I’ll list them:

  • To comment on the cost-effectiveness of different forms of advertising.
  • To learn from in-app usage statistics.
  • Research the workflow of public speakers and update my view of the app.
  • To use website statistics to learn about the effectiveness of presenting the app in different ways.