Motivation Wins Out: A New Project

In my last post, over 4 months ago, I wrote about being distracted from a plan. Well, that article marked the start of what has become a new project; I’m working on a new app.

I’ve discussed at length my thoughts on not taking a more complete, ‘business’ approach with our iOS work. We want our apps to gain traction but we haven’t pushed things from the marketing side. Whilst not the only factor, there’s a somewhat obvious, self-fulfilling element to not investing time in the other (required) areas.

Marketing. That was previously, the plan.

But desire has won out. The truth is, I’ve been excited by a project, and working on that project has had the strongest motivational pull. It’s simply where I’ve wanted to spend my effort. I’m doing this in my spare time so I’m not going to kick myself for that [1].

And the project?

It’s a small to-do/shopping-list app, with a slight twist. I’ll write more about what the app does, later; the interesting part is that I’m in the finishing-off phase. Not only is this a personal challenge for myself [2], there are important non-code tasks to do well. For example:

  • I’m iterating on a short tutorial.
  • I’m getting feedback on workflow and UI polish by sending out beta builds (to a small number of people).
  • I’ve got to finalise the icon, app name and screen shots.

Polish. I don’t want to rush this stage.

  1. Motivation. In my current situation, that’s an important point for me. The 9-to-5 isn’t motivating so I’m drawn to things that I really want to work on.
  2. I love the challenge application development – but I know I’m not the strongest developer. Part of the motivation to work on this project has been a desire to test myself, to complete the full spectrum of app-development, albeit it on a small scale.