In App Purchase Conversion Rates

Without having much data to go on I’ve been unsure as to ‘what is normal’ for IAP conversion rates. Of course, this will differ from app to app, and from IAP to IAP – across the App Store there’s huge variety in what is offered to users. That said, seeing data from other apps/developers is interesting.

Recently, Marco Arment posted the 2014 sales numbers for Overcast, his podcast app.

He presents two figures with respect to in-app purchases:

For calendar year 2014:
* 318,996 total downloads.
* 46,940 in-app purchases (14.7%).


Per month, excluding the launch month (since it’s an extreme outlier):
* 27,952 average monthly downloads.
* 4,569 average monthly in-app purchases (16.3%).

Nudg’em, the only free app that I have with an IAP is on an entirely different scale. Entirely. However, I thought I’d post the IAP conversion rates here, for interest:

For calendar year 2014:
* 1820 total downloads.
* 243 total in-app purchases (13.4%).

With small numbers it doesn’t take much for the percentages to vary, but you can see from the chart below that the monthly conversion numbers were fairly consistent (IAP are represented by the green bars, atop of the blue bars). Here are the extremes:

  • Worst month, 8.7% (August).
  • Best month, 16.4% (February).

Nudg'em IAP Data, 2014