Thoughts on Owning an Apple Watch

Putting developing for the watch to one-side, do I want one?

Three reasons I like the Apple Watch:

  1. Current state benefits associated with ‘not having to get your phone out as often’, e.g. notifications and dictating messages, are attractive.
  2. Possible, future state benefits associated with the watch enabling meaningful improvements to the ways we interact with our physical environment (read or listen to Ben Thompson’s ideas).
  3. Style. The materials, the colours, the bands… are all appealing. They make me want one.

Unfortunately, I’ve never liked wearing a watch. Despite liking the quality and look of many watches, along with the obvious utility, I don’t like having something on my wrist.

Coupled with some curiosity around update cycles and specifically, what v2 will be compared to v1, I won’t be rushing out to buy an Apple Watch.

That said, I am interested.