Version 2.0 Submitted

Earlier this week I submitted version 2.0 of (the currently named) Nudg’em. As I tweeted – I’m not totally sure the new name will pass review so I’m hanging fire on writing it down.

I’ve really enjoyed this update/project. I started out with a 1.3 in mind and not 2.0; the app was in need of an iOS 7 style refresh but I’d intended to defer new features.

However, there’s a feature/workflow that (in my opinion) has been a significant miss, and as I started to invest time in redesigning the aesthetics, it seemed right to accommodate a new workflow at the same time.

Given the woeful lapse since 1.2.2 was released I decided to go for 2.0 and add some additional features from the backlog – including a new In-App Purchase.

I’ve given the app the bump it deserves and I plan to do more. It’s been fun.

But it’s also been hard finishing it off.

I checked the git log; my first commit was back at the beginning of February. Initially, I was making solid progress – and planned to submit before WWDC in June. I missed that, then missed end-of-June, then end-of-July, finally submitting on 18 August.

I’m not beating myself up about this. I’ve put as much time into the app as possible, given the change to my family life. It just turns out that during the first 8 months of a baby’s life, their habits and schedule change a lot. Consequently, my schedule has changed a lot 😉

Waiting For Review.