objc.io – A Best Practice Resource for iOS and OS X Developers

For whatever reason it took some time before I started to consider best practice for iOS development topics…

Initially I was mostly supporting a friend’s development as we worked together on a couple of apps. Spending little time in Xcode myself, I followed his lead1. My role was handling the other stuff.

As I started to write more Objective C, I continued to focus primarily on the app itself, and other aspects of launching a product; in code I just wanted to get stuff done.

It wasn’t until later when I decided to produce an iOS app from start to finish, solo, that the notion of best practice crept up on me2.


I haven’t read every article that’s been published, but I have been following objc.io since they started it in 2013, dipping into the material that interested me.

Some examples that stood out to me:

As I’ve written above, despite following along for some time, it only recently occurred to me that this website provides an excellent collection of best practice articles for iOS (and OS X) developers.

Although the authors have taken a break from publishing monthly issues3, each of which have around 4 or 5 articles, there’s a substantial catalogue from a 24 month period to dig into.

I’ve written this post because previously, in my head, objc.io was just one of the tech-related sites that I read when I had time. I’ve made a distinction now4. To anyone looking for iOS (and OS X) articles with a development best practice slant, it’s definitely a resource to check out.

  1. Which was generally pretty good.
  2. I intentionally wanted to write an app by myself so that I’d have to overcome all of the hurdles; as it happened, this included consideration of best practice in some areas of the development.
  3. To (their words) focus on some more long-form writing.
  4. And I’m of a mindset to go back to all of the articles I haven’t read yet.