Choosing to Work on Reminder+ (For Now)

(Note, my previous post includes the download and In-App Purchase numbers for Reminder+, which are relevant to this discussion).

I’ve already dropped from 4 apps down to 2. More recently, I made the decision to work on just one app, Reminder+.

This post looks at some of my thought process in deciding if this app is worth more time, which has been structured around the following questions1:

  1. Does it solve a problem?
  2. Are there enough people willing to pay for a solution?
  3. Can I reach those people?

Does it solve a problem?

Reminders are definitely a thing. There are countless real-world scenarios in which people want ‘a reminder’ for something, and many of those people use technology as the vehicle to be reminded.

What’s more, some people also want to remind someone else to do something; they’ll say “Don’t forget to…”. And others sometimes like to be reminded; they’ll say “Will you remind me to…?”.

I’m confident that Reminder+ solves a real world problem that (some) people use technology to provide a solution.

Open questions:

  • Does it solve the problem well enough?
  • Are the benefits of hooking into iOS Reminders worth the restrictions the implementation imposes?

Are there enough people willing to pay for a solution?

People are willing to pay for a solution; I can say that with some certainty, based on the In-App Purchase conversion rate (13.8%). To make that purchase, a user, presumably, sees value in being able to push an iOS reminder to someone else2.

Open questions:

  • How many people want to solve the ‘remind someone’ problem using technology?
  • More specifically, how many people want to solve that problem using iOS Reminders?

Can I reach those people?

Over the last year Reminder+ has seen minor growth/avoided decline. During that time there has been no development, no advertising, it’s never been featured in the App Store and I don’t have a website.

I think there are two reasons Reminder+ has avoided decline:

  • App Store search. Search performance, I think, is reasonable. The last work I did on the app in 2013 involved iterating on the keywords. At the time, I surmised that the changes were positive.
  • Word of mouth. Reminder+ has a natural “word of mouth” effect; if I download the app and send a reminder, in doing so, I’m telling the recipient(s) of the reminder about Reminder+.

It’s encouraging that I’m reaching people via search, but it’s a very small number of people.

Open questions:

  • Can I reach more people via App Store search?
  • Can I increase word of mouth by making the app better?
  • Can I attract outside internet using ’marketing’?


Despite what I’ve written above, perhaps the most obvious question to ask, is, if the app is only making $1 per day, why not forget simply it?

For now, I’m happy to work on Reminder+ some more, based on the following:

  1. The IAP conversion rate
  2. It targets a real world problem(s)
  3. Resilience to decline in the app store

But I want to see an improvement…

  1. There’s an implication here I’ve somehow worked out that Reminder+ is a better option than both the other app (Alter) and starting on something entirely new. I haven’t. It’s partly a hunch, but there are numbers and personal experience to look at. Going deeper into this topic is outside the scope of this post.
  2. Push in the sense that, sending the reminder via iMessage is more direct than email.