Expectations for Reminder+ 2.0?

I’m publishing this a little after the release of v2.0 so you’re just gonna have to take my word that this is what I’d intended to write before 2.0 was launched…

OK, so I’ve been working on 2.0 for a while, do I have any expectations for improved downloads/sales?

No, not really.

Why? Although the software has changed, for the better, I haven’t done anything to improve the awareness of the product. Lack of awareness, I believe, is the biggest barrier to increased downloads.

To say more, following are some of the general ways in which I think awareness/downloads for the app could increase. For each case I’ll add a comment about how v2.0 relates:

  1. Better App Store search results. Although unlikely to make a significant impact, I have seen positive download increments in the past, by experimenting with keywords. With 2.0 I intentionally left the keywords alone, so no change is expected here1.
  2. The app becomes so good that it attracts attention organically and spreads via word of mouth. Whilst it’s possible to move in this direction, gathering momentum over time, the 2.0 release doesn’t qualify as a step change. I’ve added a new workflow and some minor improvements, but in the grand scheme, these are little things.
  3. Media attention brings in a bunch of new users, positive things follow. As I mentioned in the previous post, Reminder+ does have an intrinsic word-of-mouth effect. A surge of downloads could, possibly, boost the user base resulting in a higher, steady state. However, I haven’t done anything in line with 2.0 to generate media attention (yet).
  4. Website plus marketing and promotion brings in users from outside the store. Similar to the point above, a presence outside of the store with some kind of campaign to generate awareness, could drive people to the website or directly to the store, resulting in increased downloads. I haven’t done anything in this area (yet).
  5. Featuring regularly within the App Store. Some apps, good apps, seem to be consistently featured in the App Store, in some shape or form. Whilst it’s not a strategy to rely on, an app in that position does benefit from increased exposure. Looking at Reminder+ critically, I think it’s a small, solid app, but I don’t expect v2.0 to attract Apple’s attention.

v2.0 is a positive change for Reminder+. It’s brought the app up to date and added a nice feature or two. But nothing has changed from an awareness point of view.

  1. Although I left the keywords alone, I did change both the name of the app and the app icon. Whilst these changes could improve performance in the App Store, they could potentially make the situation worse.