App Store Experimentation: Changing Keywords

Reminder+ is downloaded around seven times per day (historical sales data, App Store link). I want that number to increase.

As I’ve said in previous posts, whilst there are plenty of improvements that could be made to the app, it’s unlikely that additional development will lead to more downloads. The problem isn’t the feature set, it’s awareness.

That’s what needs to be tackled next.

Increasing Awareness

Whilst the daily download number is small, ‘traffic’ for Reminder+ comes purely from App Store search. The app is not featured anywhere within the store, and there’s nothing outside of the store generating exposure.

For a variety of factors1, App Store search is the vehicle I’m going to use to try and improve downloads.

Perhaps the most important of those factors: I think it will work.

Here’s why:

  • First, I’ve already done this once before; I’ve increased the number of downloads, just by changing the keywords.
  • I’ve reviewed the current keywords, and, looking at the performance of phrases that I targeted last time around, I can see that some of them aren’t working out2. That means I can remove those keywords without (I think3) having a negative impact on downloads.
  • I’ve done some research using SensorTower and identified new keywords/phrases that look better for Reminder+ than those I’ve decided can be taken out. Ranking well for these search terms should improve downloads.

So, I’m going to do another round of keyword experimentation. I’ve lined up a few small changes – minor improvements and a bug fix or two. This will allow me to submit small app updates with the primary aim of changing the keywords.

Whilst I’m confident I can make an improvement, I don’t know how big the improvement will be. I’m not expecting anything dramatic, but I do think double digits is a possibility.

  1. For a variety of factors: resources available, “general use” type of app…
  2. Some of them aren’t working out: in some cases, traffic for the phrase has gone down, in others, the app doesn’t rank highly enough compared to the competition; either way, it’s not worth sticking with those keywords.
  3. I think: I am calling this “experimentation” 😉