A Development Manifesto?

I’ve had a document sitting in the Dropbox ‘Current Article’ folder that I use for this blog, for around a year. It’s been updated, reviewed, changed again. In the end, I’ve called it my Development Manifesto. It’s a snap-shot of my current approach.

From the introduction:

Why write a manifesto?

  • I want to be honest with myself regarding expectations; my goals and strategy should be clear.
  • Given that I have limited time, I want to identify an approach that is sustainable and manageable as a hobby.
  • To an extent I am aiming for success; a bit of upfront planning and structure doesn’t hurt.

I’ve been working on iOS apps, in my spare time, for quite a while now. Things change. My view on this hobby, changes. So I thought I’d write down my goals, keep things clear.

I’ve posted it on as a page rather than a post so that I can go back to it and update it, as things evolve…