App Store Search: Putting Keywords in the App Store Name

When it comes to App Store search, I’ve never been 100% confident on how words in the App Store name compare with words in an app’s keyword list. Do they all contribute equally to the App Store’s search engine?

Note, by “App Store name”, I’m referring to the name field entered in iTunesConnect; that’s the name seen in the App Store itself, not the display name seen on the device, or the bundle name.

Equal contribution? That’s the part I haven’t been sure about. But words in the App Store name definitely contribute.

For example, Reminder+ 2.0 currently ranks on the phrase “send reminders”. Neither “send” or “reminders” are in the keyword list, but they are both in the App Store name, which is:

Send reminders with Reminder+

More to the point, Apple’s documentation is quite clear. Regarding the keywords field for iTunesConnect:

Your app is searchable by app name and company name, so you do not need to duplicate these values in the keyword list.

Quite clear – in that the documentation doesn’t explicitly say which app name field. Going back to the example of my app, above, the words “send” or “reminders” are in the App Store name and only the App Store name…

Is it, therefore, a viable strategy to fill out the App Store name with important keywords? After all, the name field (limited to 255 characters1) is the only place2 you can add additional keywords beyond the 100 character limit of the keyword list.

Personally, I don’t want to have a bad or ugly name in the App Store. Even if others weren’t put off by it, I still would be.

That said, I am happy to look for an effective title. Something that looks appealing, represents the app well and is descriptive. A good name that includes good keywords. I’m ok with that.

1. At the time of writing I noticed an inconsistency in Apple’s documentation when checking on this. One reference suggested the limit for the name field is 75 characters, which I belief is wrong. iTunesConnect, most importantly, still shows 255 as the limit.
2. Excluding the company name, which you probably don’t want to change for this purpose 😉