Back in the Game

It’s been a while since my last post; here’s a reminder of the three experiments I’ve been working on:

  1. Price increase for Reminder+
  2. Changing the keywords for Reminder+
  3. Niche app based on keyword research – with ReminderBin

The first of those has been completed. The link above leads to a post detailing the results that were, on the whole, positive.

Results for the second and third items were stalled.

Changing the keywords. I submitted a small update back on the 11th February, which carried with it, the new keywords. Three rejections later (one of which was entirely my own fault) and v2.0.1 was made Ready for Sale at the end of last week, on the 1st April.

Despite the delay, I’ll have results on App Store views and download numbers, soon.

Niche app based on keyword research. ReminderBin v1.0 has been in the store since the 29th February. After the first 20 days there were only three downloads. Failure, yes, but I was most bothered by not being able to see App Analytics data.

I’d assumed that, even in the absence of actual downloads, I’d be able to see the number of App Store views. This was not the case.

This was bothersome because a large part of this experiment was learning about how much I could trust the keyword research that I did – would my assumptions translate into App Store traffic?…

So, on the 19th March, I made the app free.

I’ve got Analytics data now, but, the change to free resulted in a spike of downloads over a handful of days as the change was picked up by one (or more) of the sites that cover ‘apps gone free’.

Soon, I’ll have two weeks worth of regular data that I can report on.