My name is Gavin Hope. I’m a hobbyist iOS developer, based in Newcastle, England. For my job, I’ve recently (September 2015) returned to full-time software development, making scientific software on Windows. It’s a big improvement over my previous work, a 5-year stint in project management…

Additional bio, I’ve also a fairly dad (December 2014).

This is all, a side-project.

Starting around 2011/2012, I’ve developed a handful of apps, mostly small, under the banner of ‘Sicknote Software’. The first two or so were written with a friend, James Raine, but I’m currently working on these projects solo.

Why write the apps? I like the development. I like the challenge of trying to make something good. I also want to stay both active and practiced in software development.

Plus there’s a goal of generating a side-income.

I’ve written a kind of development manifesto, which goes into more detail with regards to my goals and development ‘strategy’.

Why write the blog? Sometimes I just want to write things down – I use Outside Xcode as an outlet for some of my development thoughts and ideas. As the name suggests it’s non-code topics that I write about.

This blog is also an avenue for me to contribute to, and interact with, the community. Whilst there are lots of other actions I could take, and I’ve considered them, this blog plus Twitter represents my current effort to be involved.

Progress so far? Our first app (a joint effort) was featured in New & Noteworthy for a week. To date, this marks the peak of my App Store success. Cruel in a way – since then it’s been a combination of some sales, no sales, but mostly a slow trickle 😉

My apps
* Reminder+ – Send reminders to your friends (formerly named Nudg’em)
* Alter Todo – Easy to use (and create!) todo lists
* Memed – Caption Everything
* PublicSpeakr – Build the perfect speech

Download and Sales data
* Reminder+

Other pages
* Development manifesto